Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Psychic Fortunes

Hey guys! I know its been a while, I've been wanting to do an outfit post for a ages now but the weather where I live is always miserable so I can never get out and get good poctures without it looking so glum, ill try and get more over the next few weeks if the weather behaves.

So I recently got these beautiful shorts from Vergegirl! which is an online store which sells loads of bohemian/gypsy/western goodies, so if you're into all that I seriously recommend checking them out, I haven't been able to stop going on there site since I discovered them. What I love about this outfit is that it goes well with my sun and moon tattoos too! Okay so lets talk about these amazing shorts! when I got these I thought they gave off this gypsy circus kind of vibe, I feel like I should be giving people tarot readings wearing all of this, which is why I wore my lace kimono I got a while back from Romwe, I think they go hand in hand. To add a few more witchy details I wore this tie up top from Topshop which is actually bell sleeved too. I could pretty much wear this outfit anywhere its quite simple but the shorts and choke boots give it that boho/witchy vibe and makes the outfit in my opinion. To finish the look off I just wore my fedora, concho choker and some rings from Bohomoon.

I hope you like my outfit.

From top to bottom...

Fedora - Matalan
Concho choker - Etsy
Lace kimono - Romwe
Tie up top - Topshop
Sun and moon shorts - Vergegirl
Tights - Primark
Choke boots - Unif

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