Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Everything looks better when the sun goes down..

Hey guys!

I finally managed to get out and get these pictures while it wasnt raining, it was still freezing though but I feel like I havnt done another outfit post in ages and I so desperatly wanted to do a look with this beautiful dress I got from drop dead for Christmas, I think I mentioned it in my christmas haul. I thought the florals on this dress were so dark and grungy and to be honest I wouldn't usually wear florals unless they are dark so when I saw this I thought it was perfect! I thought the black lace complments it perfectly and sort of gives it a gothic boho vibe. I just paired the dress and kimono with some round glasses and barret to give it a 90s twist, I was actually inspired by the witches in 'The craft'.

I almost forgot to mention I almost fell in the river trying to shimmy across this huge tree that had fallen down :') my friend had the camera ready just in case I fell in.

From top to bottom...

Barret - Ebay
Brown round glass - Asos
Red tattoo chocker - Asos
star chocker - Druzydreams
Crescent moon necklace - Druzydreams
Amythest necklace - gift
Bloom Dress - Drop dead
Black lace kimono - Asos
Black tights - Primark
Buckle boots - Aliexpress


Amy xoxo

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