Monday, 4 January 2016

Mountain Energy

   Hey guys I hope you have all had a good new years! 2015 was great, I plan on doing a lot more outfit posts in 2016, I cant wait to show you guys all the cool shit I got I just wish the weather wasnt so crappy that way I can get looks done all the time...

Moving on, this new suede jacket is what dreams are made of, I got it for christms from my sister and I pretty much have worn it non stop, I love how relaxed it is, thats why I went with a band tee and just some worn down skinny jeans ive had for years. This is a pretty chilled out look for me, but I want to start posting more looks and I feel like one of the reasons why I don't post as often as I want to is because I always feel like the outfit I have on isnt that exciting but this year im just going to start posting looks even if they are chilled out and relaxed like this because its so much more realistic and that way I will have so much more to show you.

With this look I wore my new shoes I got from Asos, this is the first pointed pair of shoes I own and I was never fan until now! I love the studded star details I think it gives off  westerny cowgirl vibe. To finish this look off I wore my concho belt some bohemian necklaces which I will link down below and my 70s shades and fedora. Wearing all this makes me feel like Hyde from that 70s show ;)

From top to bottom

Fedora - Matalan
Suede fringe jacket - Vintage (gift)
Iron maiden kills tee - Vintage
Necklaces - Forever 21, Bohochic
Rings - Bohomoon
Worn jeans - Topshop
Concho belt - Vergegirl
Pointed studded star shoes - Asos (gift)

I hope you all liked me look, see you guys soon xoxox

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Amy xoxo

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Psychic Fortunes

Hey guys! I know its been a while, I've been wanting to do an outfit post for a ages now but the weather where I live is always miserable so I can never get out and get good poctures without it looking so glum, ill try and get more over the next few weeks if the weather behaves.

So I recently got these beautiful shorts from Vergegirl! which is an online store which sells loads of bohemian/gypsy/western goodies, so if you're into all that I seriously recommend checking them out, I haven't been able to stop going on there site since I discovered them. What I love about this outfit is that it goes well with my sun and moon tattoos too! Okay so lets talk about these amazing shorts! when I got these I thought they gave off this gypsy circus kind of vibe, I feel like I should be giving people tarot readings wearing all of this, which is why I wore my lace kimono I got a while back from Romwe, I think they go hand in hand. To add a few more witchy details I wore this tie up top from Topshop which is actually bell sleeved too. I could pretty much wear this outfit anywhere its quite simple but the shorts and choke boots give it that boho/witchy vibe and makes the outfit in my opinion. To finish the look off I just wore my fedora, concho choker and some rings from Bohomoon.

I hope you like my outfit.

From top to bottom...

Fedora - Matalan
Concho choker - Etsy
Lace kimono - Romwe
Tie up top - Topshop
Sun and moon shorts - Vergegirl
Tights - Primark
Choke boots - Unif

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Amy xoxo