Saturday, 28 December 2013

Fade to black.

Hey guys! Ive been trying to find the perfect outfit for new years eve and I think I've finally found it!

I found this vinyl skirt in Topshop a while back, it was quite pricey at the time but I thought it was beautiful and so eye catching I had to get it, then I went into the Topshop sales and found it again for almost half the price! -_-'  I was so annoyed! Anyway, I think the Vinyl looks pretty awesome with any kind of band t-shirt for that biker look, but I think you could also put it with something like a crop top like something right out of clueless (which is one of my favorite movies btw)
I'm thinking of getting the vinyl leggings from Topshop too..

From top to bottom

Velvet hair bow - American Apparel
Metallica Tee - Vintage
Vinyl skirt - Topshop
Black tights - Primark
Creepers - Underground

Amy xoxo


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