Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Master Of Puppets!

Plaid shirt - H&M

Metallica t-shirt - Topshop

Leather shorts - Revolva

Dc martens - Ebay

Spiked choker - Mums

Beanie - Nan made it ;)

Love this t-shirts, Metallicas one my favourite bands <3

Hope Y'all like my look <3 xoxoxo

Beanie Love!

Okay so Ive always been a huge fan of beanie hats ever since my nan knitted me some last year, To me they always seem to go with everything and end up making the whole outfit look awesome!

o i found these beanies online last night and i want need them ! i think id grunge them up a bit with some Dc martens, fishnets and a plaid shirt.

Beanie 1

Beanie 2