Tuesday, 28 January 2014

See You In Hell..

Hey guys! How's it going?

I recently got some new shoes in the mail! I've been waiting for them for over a month and they finally arrived yesterday while I was at work so I still had to wait until I got home to open them!

If any of you are familiar with Agyness Deyns Dr. Marten collections you may know of a pair called 'Aggy Strap Boot'  Which are now unfortunately completely sold out everywhere :( ! believe me I've been looking for months and I cant find them! But I luckily found some replicates online for only £60!! sadly they are not real Dr. Martens but they look identical and for the price I'm not going to complain ;D I'll link where I got them from below.

I also should of done an outfit post wearing this dress ages ago because I was lucky enough to have won this dress from Let them stare about a year ago, This dress is seriously beautiful, it was designed by Anastasia Gelfman Silis who also owns let them share and posts everything on her fashion blog! so check it out. <3

Hope you like my outfit  <3

From top to bottom..

Glasses - ebay
Leather jacket - Nasty Gal
Wine Velvet dress -letthemstare
Tights - primark
Shoes - Aliexpress

Amy xoxo


  1. love your platform so much !

  2. Awesome outfit and super cool pics