Friday, 14 November 2014

As above, so below.

Hello my lovely's ^-^

The weather was actually not bad today to I finally had a chance to get some pictures of this lovely dress I got from MotelRocks! this dress is like beyond perfect, as you can tell by my tattoos I love sun and moon print and the baby-doll style of this dress just makes it so cute and a little grungy I think.
I thought I'd pair it with this new hat I got from Matalan for only £8! I literally wear it everywhere now, however I have a small head so I have to keep hold of it sometimes when I'm outside otherwise it might blow away! :o

I hope you all like my outfit anyway!

From top to bottom..

Fadora hat - Matalan
Black round sun glasses - Ebay
Sun and Moon baby doll dress - Motelrocks
Fishnet tights - Primark
Buckle boots - Aliexpress

Amy xoxo


Sunday, 2 November 2014

Seven Wonders

Hello there, its been a while...

I thought I'd show you guys what I wore on Halloween, this outfit was inspired by the witches from American Horror Story Coven, I LOVE that season of AHS, all there outfits are so on point.

Me and my friend Holly went to this spooky graveyard to shoot these pictures, it was the perfect time of year to shoot there because all the leaves had fallen and it just looked beautiful.

Funny story about my outfit actually, I brought a velvet bodysuit to go underneath the dress and I thought I'd get a size 6 because I'm very small chested and I didn't want it to be to baggy on me, but when it finally got delivered it was so fucking small on me I'm surprised I even got it on. luckily I was able to send it back but when I looked for a bigger size they only had a 10 left, but at the time I was pretty certain it would fit considering how small the size 6 was on me...  I was wrong.. The size 10 was still way to small even though I'm usually a size 8, but it was the day before Halloween and I didn't have time to look for something else so I manged to quickly ulter it. Even though I wasnt as comfortable as I wanted it to be I was still happy with the outcome of it all :3!

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween, only 362 days left until next Halloween :o!

From top to bottom..

Fedora hat - Primark
Round sun glasses - Ebay
Mesh baby doll dress - Prettylittlethings
Velvet body suit -Prettlittlethings
Sun and moon scarf - Thrift store
Distressed tights - Topshop
Chunky buckle boots - Aliexpress

Amy xoxo