Friday, 21 March 2014

All Monsters Are Human

Hey! sorry I haven't posted anything in a while but I recently got these tartan pants and I needed to show you guys how perfect they are! Ive been looking for some tartan pants for over a year now but I could never find the right ones, they were either not the right color or just seriously over priced! But luckily I found these on Sheinside for only £15.68 and I pretty much brought them straight away!

 I already knew what I'd wear these pants with, seeing as every item in my wardrobe is black I thought I'd pair it with a cropped velvet tee, some chunky boots and a leather jacket to give it that punk vibe.

From top to bottom ..

Velvet Crop Tee - American Apparel
Green Tartan Pants - Sheinside
Aggy Strap boots - Aliexpress

Amy xoxo


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