Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hair care Challenge..

So this Christmas I got some hair products and decided to challenge myself to start looking after my hair, Ever since I hit my teens I just dyed it every color under the sun and didn't care about the damage it was doing.. A few months ago I had silver/white hair and for those of you who don't know its extremely hard to maintain and to get, so after constant bleaches and toners my hair just stared to stretch and snap off leaving my hair looking uneven and gross, so I dyed it a mahogany color and lightened the ends for that ombre effect. 

The products I've been using are..

- Bed head elasticate
- Bed head recovery kit
- Bed head after party
- One 'n only Argan oil
- Aussie leave in conditioner
- Skin Hair and Nails Formula

All of these products have already made my hair so much healthier I seriously recommend them to anyone looking to improve the condition of there mane ;D My personal favorite has to be the Bed head recovery kit because it leaves my hair smelling like sherbert!

I'm also stopping myself from using bleach and heated tools on my hair, I'm just going to dry it naturally and do regular olive oil and honey treatments.

I plan on doing an update post in a few months showing you my progress and other products I've been using.
Wish me luck..<3

Amy xoxo

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